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Rising from the ashes of some of the most prominent Cleveland rock bands, Critic City has returned to the scene with a fire not seen for some time!


Consisting of Derek Hatfield (Guitar), Brian Hanculak (Drums), Andrew Lenthe (Bass), Steve Simbeck (Guitar/Vocals), and Chris Donley (Vocals/Guitar), Critic City brings a polished yet edgy modern rock sound to the mainstream masses that have been spoon-fed and uninspired rock for far too long.   


The band has released 3 EP's ("Four Chambers or Six", "In the silence there's a sound", and most recently "Brand New War") as well as 2 singles per EP featuring acoustic versions of songs and a cover per release as well as a fun cover and video of "Jingle Bell Rock"!

The band is currently working on new songs for the next 3 releases as well as videos, acoustic versions of songs, and a brand new interactive experience.  

Even though 2020 was a tough year having to cancel gigs and would've stopped most people in their tracks, Critic City only proved themselves stronger as the band is continually writing, recording, shooting videos, and gearing up for when they can get back out and hit the road soon!

With so much material, talent, and drive, nothing (not even the "critics") will stop Critic City.


ITSTAS Cover.jpg
QPQ Single Cover Final.jpg
REcoiled Single Cover Final.jpg
Four Chambers or Six Cover1400x1400.jpg
Critic City - Shoulders (Artwork).jpg
Critic City - Cliff Diver Artwork.jpg
Jingle Cover1.jpg
CC_Brand New War (FINAL).jpg
Critic City - Going Dizzy Artwork.jpg
Critic City - My Charity Artwork.jpg
You're the best cover_.png
Caribbean Queen Cover.png
No easy way out FINAL COVER.png
Into you (Cover).png
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