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Review of "Inhale the Future by Joseph D. Newcomer
Dead Star Press

Rarely do you come across new music that is simultaneously genuine, meaningful, and fucking cool. Critic City’s Inhale the Future is all of these things (and a consummate rocker, to boot.) It captures current society in all its sickness and doubt while being a powerful voice for reason and compassion that pounds a sense of urgency for pulling ourselves out of this forsaken tar pit of modern ennui.

Shortly into the first track, when Donley pleads, “The more people will believe it, the bigger the lie.” you immediately know you’re going to get more than vapid radio lyrics. These spot-on vignettes of our broken era continue throughout the heavy, fast-paced sonic landscape of the album, but perhaps my favorite lines come in the chorus of "Warning Labels (Are Just Suggestions)." “*How many “Likes” can I get? How do I kill my regret? I think warning labels are just suggestions.”

Listen to this album. Truly listen. You’ll find more beneath the surface than you’ll find in most of today’s popular songs.

For newer listeners of Critic City, you’ll also find an easily accessible doorway into their unique style via a stellar rendition of “Heathens,” which I already love more than the original by Twenty-one Pilots.

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